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Lift and Glow Facial (Microcurrent Facial)




A microcurrent facial is a cosmetic treatment that uses a handheld device to deliver low-voltage electricity to the face, stimulating the skin and muscles. The treatment is painless and can create short-term and long-term results, such as a lifting and toning effect on the skin.

Lift and Glow Facial

Single Treatment $225 | Package of Three $600

Like a workout for your face! We will cleanse, steam, exfoliate, and perform extractions. Then follow up with a mask and facial massage. Once your skin is prepped, we will perform microcurrent followed by LED light therapy to combat inflammation and stimulate cellular activity. Microcurrent delivers low-voltage electricity via specialized probes. This painless electric current stimulates cellular activity which tightens and smooths the muscles and connective tissues, leaving you with a firmer, more lifted appearance. Just like exercise, the more frequently you do microcurrent, the better the results.

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