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Natural Healing!!! Back pain, knee pain, ext…. apply the healing oil as often as needed!!!

Relieves pain for about 2 to 3 hours!!! Turn on your meditation music, let The sun or Moon light shine upon your being, burn Sage or Palo Santo and light your Aprils Energy Candle and manifest with this sacred healing manifestation Oil!!! Anoint your temples, third eye and base of your neck for maximum performance!!! Open the vial and speak affirmations into your oil!!! I am the descendent of Marie Laveau and I have personally bless this oil to magnify you transformation! Peace and Blessings


Avocado oil, Copper, blessed purified water, roses, hibiscus, rosemary, saffron, sage, basil, mustard seed, bayleaf, Mica, Golden Healer Quartz and Lemongrass essential oil.

Healing Manifestation Oil

$17.00 Regular Price
$15.30Sale Price
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